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And the Oscar for puppet show script goes to…

Ryley and Sam were charged by a teacher at school to create a puppet show for kindergarten and first-graders. This is what they wrote. They, along with some buddies, presented it yesterday to an audience which included Joel. He loved it. I think it’s really well done and funny, too. But I am their mom so I think nearly everything they do is charming.

Ryley and Sam proudly present:

Animals of the Continents

Narrator- Some time ago… in a world far far away, there was a little alien boy who found a book in space about animals. He found out where they live. So he asked his mom a question.

Alien Boy- Mom, can I please go to Earth?

Alien mother- No there’s nothing fun to do there, its empty!!

Narrator- So that night the alien boy snuck into his dad’s telaporter, set it to Earth, and within one flash he was gone. Then he got to Earth and landed on a big white fluffy thing.

Alien boy- Ugh! Where am I?

Polar Bear- You’re on top of my back. GET OFF!!

Alien Boy- Amazing! Incredible! But how!?

Narrator- The polar bear knew the alien didn’t understand animals, so he told him about what animal he was.

Polar Bear- You see, Polar Bears like me live in cold continents. I eat seals and fish. My hobbies are swimming in the ocean with my webbed paws, and seeing my cousin Joe, the grizzly bear.

Alien boy- Now that you’ve taught me about polar bears, can you show me the other animals on the continents?

Polar bear- Sure, we’ll head for North America.

Narrator- And so those two traveled from Greenland to The United States of America. When they arrived, many animals awaited the alien boy.

Duck- Hello, I’m Quack and this is Shawn the dog. We are glad you’re visiting.

Narrator- Quack and Shawn explained what they were and what they did.

Alien Boy- I’m glad to have met you but my friend and I are traveling to Europe to visit the others.

Shawn- I have an idea! How about Quack and I come with you?!

Polar Bear- That’s a great idea! Follow me!

Narrator- So the four friends kept walking til they reached the Atlantic Ocean.

Alien Boy- Oh boy…….how will we get across this ocean?!

Shawn- Yah! How will we?

Polar Bear- Well did you think about using the boat your standing next to?

Alien Boy- Uh, no. I didn’t.

Narrator- The boat was a hassle from 5:30 to 6:40 but they finally shoved the massive boat into the sea. 2 weeks later Shawn spotted land!

Shawn- Land ho!

Alien Boy- Is it England?

Shawn- Can’t tell, but I can make out these animals waving at us.

Polar Bear- They must be the animals we’re meeting.

Quack- Finally, I thought I’d die on this wooden ride.

Narrator- So after our friends got off their ride, they saw a huge shadow lumbering over them.

Shawn- Show yourself!

Narrator- The huge shadow came out and was a large grizzly bear.

Polar Bear- Joe! It’s nice seeing you again!

Joe- Hello cousin! Long time no so see!

Narrator- So the two talked and talked and talked til a strange, loud, and extremely close noise was heard in their presence.

Alien Boy- Huh? What is that noise?

Polar Bear and Joe- Oh No! Not him!

Narrator- All of a sudden, a seagull crashed on the beach.

Alien Boy- Who in the world is he?

Joe- He is Henry, the loudest seagull on the beach!

Henry- Yup that’s who I am.

Narrator- So the two new friends taught the Alien about them.

Henry- Well, my hobby is getting my nose stuck in the sand.

Joe- And I like to….

Henry (interrupting)- watch fish jumping into….

Joe (interrupting)- my mouth, it’s not polite to interrupt, sheesh!

Narrator- After the little talk, the friends moved on. Then they heard small thumping. For some reason it was being heard on every tree every once in a while.

Alien Boy- Another weird sound again?!

Polar Bear- Not weird! Relaxing, smooth, enjoyable! It’s a woodpecker pecking a tree. One of the most soothing sounds in the world.

Narrator- The friends crept up to the tree where the woodpecker pecked into the giant tree trunk.

Woodpecker- Uh, I’m sorry for the fuss of the sound from my work.

Polar Bear- It’s not that. My friend the Alien would love to hear of your hobbies.

Woodpecker- Okay. My hobbies are pecking trees and flying around parks.

Alien Boy- We’re on a roll!!…………..But where now?

Quack- How about an African savanna! I heard there are lots of animals in Africa!

Shawn- And Africa is not so far away!

Polar Bear- So? Why don’t we go?!

Narrator- So our friends hopped on their boat, hoping they would get to Africa. Then, one day later….

Shawn- Land ho!!

Henry- Well I hope there is a hot dog stand there because I’m starving!

Polar Bear- We have twelve hot dogs and we didn’t eat any!

Narrator- Besides Henry devouring hot dogs, the boat washed on the African savanna. Meanwhile, on the hot African savanna, a hippo and a lion were in a fight.

Hippo- Get off of me or I will get you off…….WITH MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Lion- Nah, I would just like to stay here for the rest of my life. YOU CAN’T HURT A FLY!!!

Hippo- Alright, you asked for it!

Polar Bear- Would you guys stop it!! While you’re doing that, I have a question. Would you answer a question from this Alien Boy?!

Hippo- Okay we’ll stop.

Lion- Uh, ya, what he said.

Alien Boy- What animals are you?

Lion- I am an African Lion the top of the food chain on the savanna. I mostly hunt for food at night. Male lions like me have manes while female lions do not. I like to roar very loud.

Hippo- I am a Common Hippo found in only Africa, I am the biggest of the three species of hippos. Now hippos do something very strange, they sweat blood! But it’s not blood, it’s actually a type of sweat called blood sweat. It helps keep the animal cool. I like to sit in water all day.

Alien Boy- Wow! Those are some very interesting facts, hey, do you want to come with us?

Hippo- I guess…..

Lion- Sure why not?!

Narrator- So our new friends followed our original friends til they heard something in the bushes.

Joe- I wonder what that weird noise is?

Quack- Uh….Henry? Are you coming?

Henry- No no no! For one reason I have to go to the bathroom, and reason two I haven’t finished my seventh hot dog!

Narrator- So Henry stayed back for the reasons he described. Meanwhile, our brave heros kept hearing the strange noise still around. Then, out of the bushes came an African Elephant.

Elephant- Sorry, I just love to eat the bushes.

Alien Boy- That’s okay, but can you be kind enough to tell me about you?

Elephant- Sure. Let me think……..I love to eat bushes, grasses, and trees. I am the largest land animal today, and I’m currently on a diet of peanuts.

Alien Boy- Well we best be on our way. If you want you can follow us on our adventure around the continents.

Elephant- I’ll come with you. Theres nothing to do but gobble bushes. So sure!

Narrator- After our friend stopped chit-chatting, they started heading to the deepest park of Africa. Soon Henry got back in the group.

Woodpecker- Where were you all this time?!

Henry- After I went to the bathroom, I went back to England to stick my nose in the sand a dozen times.

Woodpecker- Nice to know Henry, nice to Know.

Shawn- Uh…..guys?

Woodpecker- Why do you stick your nose in sand?

Shawn- Uh…..guys?

Woodpecker- If thats your hobby, you need to find a new one!!

Shawn- GUYS!!

Everyone [But not Shawn]- What!?

Shawn- That tree just moved! Are they supposed to do that?

Quack- No! Besides, I don’t even think it’s a tree!

Narrator- The creature lowered it’s neck. The thing stepped out of the dark. It was a Giraffe!

Giraffe- If I scared you I’m sorry but I love to spook animals sometimes.

Alien Boy- Another animal! Can you please tell me what animal you are?

Giraffe- Sure, I’m a Giraffe. I love eating plants, my long neck can be in good uses like grabbing leafs from high branches.

Alien Boy- Awesome! Are we done yet?

Polar Bear- Yep! We showed you all kinds of animals and now were done!

Narrator- Now all the animals went back to their homes and did their hobbies. Their alien friend lives on a island now but he visits his friends once and a while. And everyone was happy!

The End

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