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A tsunami in my belly would be welcome

Please pray for our baby boy, for wisdom for my doctors, for me.

My OBs have been monitoring my fluid level for a few weeks because of my history of low fluid leading to inductions with Beatrix and Joel. I was referred to a Maternal-Fetal Medicine doc a week ago, where my fluid was low-normal, but she wanted me to have ultrasounds once a week until the fluid was rising or stable.

At today’s appointment, my fluid had dropped to 9, which is just under the normal scale my docs use (10-25). I had a NST for an hour, which showed the baby wasn’t being reactive. At all. So I was sent to L&D where I was monitored for two hours. He perked up to their satisfaction, so they sent me home.

I am supposed to drink a ton and rest a ton. We were supposed to go to my parents’ house in Grand Junction today. They are coming here for Thanksgiving instead.

This is a familiar road, but it is starting MUCH earlier than it did with Beatrix. This scares me. I am scared.

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