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A nonsensical weather forecast and general snowday ramblings

Could someone explain how this makes sense?

Today’s high will be 4 degrees, according to KCNC, the local CBS affiliate.

Then how can tomorrow’s LOW be 19 degrees? What happens at the stroke of midnight to make the temperature skyrocket 15 degrees?


It’s redundant to say “Negative 17 below zero.”


We only have 3-ish inches of snow on the ground, but school has been cancelled for 2 days. They are blaming the extreme bitter cold, saying it’s too dangerous for kids to walk to school or wait at bus stops, especially when the wind whips up. Also, buses weren’t starting. The sky is blue, the main roads are clear.

I can’t imagine that school will be cancelled tomorrow, especially with the eruption of sudden warmth at midnight.

Sometime, today, I have to convince my lazy, be-jammied children that they might want to do the homework they brought home way back on Monday. Bathing would be good. Lunches will have to be packed tonight.

Sometime, today, I hope to wake from my own snowday trance.

6 comments to A nonsensical weather forecast and general snowday ramblings

  • I always wondered when they counted the high temp, or if it was just a snapshot of the noon-hour. It never seems to be consistent to me. Maybe it’s a weathercast for business hours? I don’t know. The Mountain Time Zone has always been a bit wacky. Ha.

  • Oh, the days of sitting around the radio waiting for our school’s name to be called. The bitter disappointment of not hearing it…

    Since Jason is a teacher (in our local school district), we just wait for him to get the early morning phone call from the school secretary. The girls will grow up waiting anxiously for Daddy to tell them whether or not there’s school. I suppose that will be its own excitement of sorts.

    Hope you’re staying warm!

  • bro-de-mopsy

    LMAO, too funny!

  • Oh, I just remembered that we need to do first grader’s homework. Everyone else gets daily homework, but his homework for the week comes home on Monday. So no excuse not to have it done sometime during these three snow/ice days. To the grindstone we (should) go.

  • Here in Southern Ontario our schools just have a cut off temperature and if it’s below that, the kids don’t go out for recess. They don’t close the school! I’ve never heard of that. Wow.

  • Amy

    Growing up in Colorado, I think we had a total of three snow days. In all three instances, the snow was so deep that roofs were collapsing. The day off from school was totally justified.

    Now that I live in the South, I have grown accustomed to school being closed for any number of reasons… icy roads, snow on the ground, the “possibility of snow”, the temperature is too cold, too much rain, bad weather “might be heading this direction”… It is really quite amusing.

    Just this week, things have taken a ridiculous turn for the worse. My son wasn’t allowed to play outside during recess because his coat wasn’t three inches thick. One of the teachers was using a ruler to measure. Apparently, coats that look big and puffy are warmer than every other kind of coat. I can’t imagine what they will think of next.

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