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What dreadful hot weather we have!
It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.

Jane Austen

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  • How is it that Jane Austen can make even the word “inelegant” seem elegant. How?

    Your baby bump is adorable, as are your remarkably un-swollen feet. How much longer?

  • Kelly

    That’s awesome!!! Stay cool!!!

  • Julana

    As usual, you have a unique perspective on things. 🙂 My 76-yr-old parents got a/c Sat., for the first time in their lifes.

  • Love the color of your nail polish!

  • mopsy

    Shannon—my feet have always been underachievers. And as of tomorrow I can say the baby is due “next month…” Not that I’ve been terribly concerned with security around this blog, but I am not sharing my exact due date. Latter half of the month. I agree about Jane—she’s da man.

    Julana—congrats to your parents. I wonder if, after a lifetime of living without a/c, it seems oddly cold in their house?

    Shayne—that polish has been on my toes for a little toooooo long. Hubby is going to have to remove it soon since I can’t anymore. But it is a lovely shade of deep red.

  • Wonderful perspective shot there, Mopsy. Glad you and baby are still doing well.

  • I love that picture. And, ah, Jane. Isn’t she the best?

    (BTW, LOVED that you had the ‘do and Zelda. Too cool.)

  • I never took a photo like that of myself. I should have

  • Too cute! Have I missed the status of names? Is it TBA?

    Glad ya’ll are doing well.

  • Did you take a picture over my shoulder? I was asked today if I was having twins.

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