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The first day of the third month was cold and blustery. I expected nothing less. March doesn’t come in like a lion or a lamb around here. It’s more like a buffalo—hulking, filthy, defensive, but majestic and agile too. It can stampede or quietly enjoy a lunch of weeds or grinding it’s back in the dust. It’s an animal that creates clouds. Breath and earth, it emits. March brings winds and daffodils. Forces of nature or forced nature. Either way, March is work.

Here is my work, my play. Just one day of many noted in Owlhaven’s A Day in My Life.


Sunrise over our backyard, noted when I let the dog outside.


The bed demanding to be made. I’ll get to it eventually.


Backpacks loaded, coats and hats poised. Readysetgo—the three big kids off to school.


I gathered well. My helpers unload the bounty.


Fun at the mall foodcourt photobooth. We shopped and ate lunch after watching a magic show in the kids’ play area.


Home again. Laundry. Beatrix’s laundry was sorted into two groups: Poopy and Non-Poopy.


Our faithful mutt, Junie, on alert as I return from getting the mail.


One of the Target finds was a new highchair. She test-drove it after the big kids went to bed.



Not photographically noted: our dinner of leftover meatloaf and fish sticks, a baby girl’s sweet potato covered face, the bed made, the laundry folded, the sunset.

9 comments to 3/1/7

  • I love this! These are great photos, in your eye’s view. If only you could capture the exhaustion encompassing your body at the end of a day in your life… or maybe that’s just mine? ; )

  • Jen

    Great photos! The picture of the unmade bed is actually very artistic.

  • I have to say, Gretchen, that of all the days-in-the-lifes that I’ve seen lately, yours was the best. It was sweet and to-the-point, which is exactly what I would expect! Bravo!

    I’ve been thinking about doing my own, but I have no idea how on earth to make it anything *I*, much less anyone else, would want to read.

  • I have been eagerly anitcipating this post since you announced you would be participating. Any day that includes a trip to Target is a good one.

  • amy

    I like the plates and such you having haning on your dining room walls — are they family momentos or things you’ve found? They seem very womanly, very gretchen.

  • This was really nice!
    Thanks for playing!

  • mopsy

    Amy, the plates, etc. on the dining room and kitchen walls are a mix of things I bought at Anthropologie, garage sales, an antique mall, and from my grandmothers. The old and new, mixed. The hardest part was arranging them.

  • The pictures are great. Then again, you have such cute subjects. You’ve learned a lot about your new camera in a couple of weeks. I’ll never get good pictures if I leave my digital in the closet.

  • I love this idea! And great pics.

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