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Smelling of cardboard with packing tape stuck to the bottom of my feet, I am back…

The move went well. Everyone is adjusting to life in our new house, except for me. I keep hearing mysterious noises coming from the kitchen. I investigate, only to discover it is the ice maker. That is all I have to say about moving seven people and a dog.


Today, in between running house-related errands at Home Depot and SuperTarget, we had lunch at Chili’s. Our waitperson was enthusiatistic about bringing refills. She brought refills for our refills. Those refills got refills. At one point I am sure we had 14 drinks on the table, either half full or half empty. This led to confusion:

Aidan: Sammy is drinking Boo’s…

Me: Sammy is NOT drinking booze!

Aidan: Yes, Sammy is drinking Boo’s!

Me: Booze is alcohol! Children do not drink alcohol! Alcohol is a grown-up drink. It isn’t funny to say that Sammy is drinking booze! (meanwhile, I am wondering where she heard the word “booze”)

Aidan: Sammy is drinking Boo’s lemonade, mom!

I realized a misunderstanding of “Three’s Company” proportion had just occured. Aidan was talking about how Sammy was drinking Tommy’s (nicknamed Boo since practically birth) lemonade. I was thinking “booze”.

I hope Aidan never counts to six in German. My heart will do a triple back flip with a twist as I tell her to always remember that six is something to be shared by married grown-ups who love each other very much. If a boy ever tries to get her to explore six, she should say no. It is never worth risking a reputation or moral beliefs over casual six.

And she will look at me and tell me that maybe she will learn Spanish instead.

10 comments to Smelling of cardboard with packing tape stuck to the bottom of my feet, I am back…

  • Kim

    Too funny! Glad your back on line. Enjoy that new house, and ice maker. But NO house warming party with free refills, Boo’s and six!

  • I just had to laugh at that conversation! And yeah…rather not six in German LOL

  • Tracy

    Glad you are back!! I’ve missed your posts!

  • JoAnn

    Woohoo! She’s back! I’ve missed your posts.

    Welcome Back!

  • Shayne (aka doodle)

    Glad you are back and that the move went well. I’ve missed you! I thought maybe you were too busy drinking Boo’s and having six to post.

  • sister-of-mopsy

    Glad to know I’m not the only one in that family that has ‘three’s company’ moments… spreading confusion amongst friends and family down at the regal beagle… or chili’s. hehe And now you have only yourself to blame for why Aiden knows what Booze is… 🙂 She’ll be asking all the adult friends that come around if they would like Milk or Booze to drink with their dinner.

  • The comments are as good as the post! Glad you’re back & getting settled in.

    Reminds me of the other day when I asked my 8 yr. old what the children’s pastor taught on that morning. “Beer,” was the answer.

    “What? Pastor taught you about beer?!” (While telling myself he was probably warning the kids about alcohol.)

    “No,FEAR!” My son thought that was funny.

    In the same day someone was talking about hurricane Dennis and Florida taking a “dry tic”. Huh? “A dry tic?” I asked. “No, a DIRECT HIT.” Maybe time to clean my ears. 🙂

    Though we also have a Boo in the family, we’ve never had the beverage mix up. Too funny.

    Once again, glad you’re back.

  • rossmomma

    Welcome back, and I’m so glad that Aidan now knows exactly what booze is!

  • Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had all day! BTW, I love your photos–I know I’ve said that before, but I always look forward to visiting to see what will be up when I do. You have a wonderful eye.

  • Oh, I laughed and laughed and had to (once again) relate this story to my husband.

    And there’s no way I could handle an ice-maker in the house…the noise would seriously freak me out. 🙂

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