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You can say you knew him when…

I went to church camp several times during my young teen years. One summer, I went with a small counselor-led group on an afternoon hike. We got lost. Eventually, we poured out of the forest onto a two lane highway. In the days before cell phones, we were left with one option: Hitchhiking!

A pick-up truck stopped. We rode packed together in the back, laughing. Exhilarated. Oh, the looks on the other camper’s faces when we roared through the gates. We were the heroes of the day.

Ryley went to camp last week. He didn’t hike, swim, make a birdhouse, or hitchhike.

He played a cover of Led Zeppelin. He, along with his fellow bandmates, wrote three songs. Last Friday, they performed their set in front of a live audience. Plus, they made a CD.


That’s the life of a kid who goes to Rock & Roll camp. Seems much safer, no?

I wrote about it at Mile High Mamas. It was one extraordinary week that culminated in tears (for me). Something about seeing my baby boy perform lead vocals on an original song….

He was exhilarated. He was the hero of the day.

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