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Tiny droids riding cows

Imagine rows and rows of tall silver shelving, bursting with meticulously organized bins flowing with LEGO bricks of every size, shape, color, and function.

Ryley, Sam, and I got to play in an official LEGO model building studio yesterday. It is managed by a LEGO model building guru named Duane, who kindly shared his knowledge and bricks with us. Teddy was there, too, but he found it to be a good place to nap on my chest. Somehow, with him clutched to my chest, I managed to build this:

It’s narcissism in action. Me. Riding an ostrich. Drinking a cup ‘o joe. Gnawing on a turkey leg. Typical day.

Ryley kept his creations on a level of nobility. Knights on mighty horses and such. Sam perched C3PO on a cow.

How did we get so lucky to spend the day in such an unusually cool way? We live in the land of NetDevil, an online computer gaming company which is getting ready to launch LEGO Universe. They opened their studios and pizza boxes to us.

We toured the cavernous and crazy-hip warehouse-style studio with other LEGO-loving families. Eileen Calandro of MomCentral, her husband, and their three fun boys were there, along with Wired GeekDad’s Jonathan Liu and his two adorable daughters. It was great to meet them and watch the boys play and trade ideas with their kids.

I wrote about the upcoming launch of LEGO Universe over at Mile High Mamas. Was is it? If you’ve ever played LEGO Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, or Rock Star, you know how hilarious and challenging the games can be. Now imagine the LEGO world housed online, with continual and ever-evolving game play.

LEGOphiles! Climb on your cows and ostriches and head on over to Mile High Mamas to learn when to get your cupped hands on a copy of LEGO Universe.

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