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George Washington’s Turtleneck

I helped Archie dress in a George Washington costume this morning for Day of the Notables at school. He is wearing a layer of regular clothes, including grey sweatpants and a grey turtleneck. Over the base outfit he’s wearing a white lacy vintage shirt that once belonged to my mom in college, a black vest, […]

Marie Antoinette Would Shake Her Head, If She Could

One of the things I love about our K-8 kids’ school are the many diverse hands-on projects assigned throughout the school year. It’s also something I dislike about the school, too, especially when they seemed to be relentlessly back-to-back. However, in the past few years, they’ve been better about not assigning so many while keeping […]

50 Things To Do In A School Pickup Line

1. Glare

2. Glower

3. Snicker

4. Seethe

5. Clip fingernails

6. Try to win radio contests for tickets to events you’d never spend money to attend

7. Sip hot beverages from insulated mug

8. Chew three pieces of gum and make giant bubbles

9. Take selfies

10. Read magazines

11. Read books

12. Write […]