Ancient History

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What the Beep

During our drive to the zoo several days ago, Teddy began to sing the timeless childhood classic, “The Wheels on the Bus.” Generations have sung about how those storied wheels go round and round and round. That bus has driven the equivalent distance between Earth and Proxima Centauri, which is over 4 light years away. […]

The Asparagus Birds

For two years, I was proud to be a contributor at A Deeper Story. I wrote alongside many amazing authors, writers, and poets, often wondering how on earth I got so lucky. I often felt unworthy. They were the Alice Coopers to my Wayne.

Nish Wiseth, the founder and chief editor, has decided the […]

George Washington’s Turtleneck

I helped Archie dress in a George Washington costume this morning for Day of the Notables at school. He is wearing a layer of regular clothes, including grey sweatpants and a grey turtleneck. Over the base outfit he’s wearing a white lacy vintage shirt that once belonged to my mom in college, a black vest, […]