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Fifth grade is the friendliest grade, and other first day lessons

First day of school photos are non-negotiable. They will happen, come zit or cowlick, come mismatched oddball fashion choice, come whatever. I’m don’t rush out and buy first day of school outfits because my choices end up being even more corny than how they kids already dress half the time, so they wear whatever strikes […]

Saturday Siblings ~ Water Balloon Warriors

It started small on Sam’s 14th birthday and grew into a battle that not only included balloons, they busted out the squirt guns. We hauled everything down to a the park at the end of our street so they’d have room to spread out.



What they didn’t learn

The 2013-14 school year is officially over without a single tear shed by anyone. I used to cry on the last day of school, but didn’t this year. The closest I came was the night before Sam’s last day of 8th grade, when I was suddenly seized by a vision of him on his second […]