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Strange days, indeed

I want to thank everyone who commented here and at Facebook about Jeffrey and what happened last Saturday.

I didn’t take writing the story lightly. In fact, I wasn’t sure I should publish what happened. In the end, I was convicted that silence is what propagates stereotypes and taboos. On that day , our somewhat-normal suburban family was out for a day of sunny summer fun in one of the most beautiful cities, anywhere. There was a collision of worlds. It can’t be ignored, nor should it.

This week, we’ve talked to people we never thought we’d meet—detectives, victim’s advocates, investigators with the coroner’s office, and 3 funeral homes. This week also happened to be the first week of school for 5 of the kids, including Bea’s first day of kindergarten. The fresh start of a new school year stands in stark contrast to everything that ended in that courtyard garden.

I’ve written a letter to Jeffrey’s family. I am mailing it to a funeral home today so it will arrive before his memorial service. I wrote it thanks to the encouragement and assistance of an investigator with the coroner’s office. This investigator has followed up with us several times. I am grateful because I was slipping into the place where I over-think. These have been strange days.

The story won’t end here. Please, if you were affected by Jeffrey’s story, consider doing something for the homeless or anyone who needs a hand.

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