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My body is a hamster ball unto itself


This past Saturday, we got to test out an awesome new-to-Denver business. I invited my favorite people to join us and enjoyed 2 hours of watching my friends, their kids, and my family tumble around in a giant inflatable hamster ball. Plus, there were video games aplenty to play. I danced like a maniac to Just Dance. Mr. Baby probably imagines his mama is a Solid Gold dancer. He’ll be so disappointed.

Good times. Seriously. If you ever have the chance to bounce down a hill encased in air and vinyl? Do it. Rodents can’t have all the fun. I base this opinion solely on observing everyone else have a blast in the ball. I refrained. My body is a hamster ball right now.

I wrote about it at Mile High Mamas and included a few photos of the action. Go say squeak squeakity squeak twitch.

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