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Mothers are weird

Have you ever been part of one of those lovely drive-by remarks mothers launch in public? They seem innocent enough to a casual bystander, but it’s really a passive-aggressive dig and you know it in your gut. I was recently on the receiving end of a small dig.

Here’s an example for the uninitiated: One mom says to her toddler in earshot of another mom, “Our family breaks out in hives and throws up if we eat white bread! It is too processed for us to handle, isn’t it? Mommy’s chiropractor says white bread ruins lives…” as the other mother, who didn’t solicit any advice or opinion, drops a bag of Wonderbread into her grocery cart.

That sort of thing.

Okay, maybe I read too much into these dumb little exchanges, but I am savvy enough to know when I am being scolded with a smile. Most of the time I don’t care, but I did the other day…

Please go read about it at 5 Minutes for Parenting.

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