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Eternity in Maternity

Becoming a mother in the late 90s was a different experience than becoming a mother now. It was less managed back then and a whole lot uglier.

I wrote about how the minute details of preparing for motherhood train our senses in more ways than one:

Motherhood owns minutia. It’s noticing that your son’s fine baby hair is just brushing the top of his ears. It’s seeing a slightly crooked tooth in a five-year-old’s mouth and realizing it means, without even wiggling it, that it is loose. It’s seeing the way your boy exits school with his eyes cast down. It’s knowing there’s a fever without a thermometer, the strawberries are responsible for the contents of the diaper, the zit on the forehead means to stock up on embarrassing things with wings.

More over at Mile High Mamas, where you don’t have to be a mile high to read. We won’t check your ID.

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