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I wanted to quickly share links to three posts I’ve written for The Deeper Story’s Family page. I’m fond of these posts. Can I say that? Anyway, they tackle topics which are more difficult to wrangle. I’m grateful to have this outlet and I’m amazed they let me continue to post. Writing is therapeutic. Essays are my speciality.

In November, I wrote about the Jessica Ridgeway tragedy. She was the little girl who was kidnapped from our neighborhood. The boy who confessed also lived here. One street over, ten houses up, a monster lived.

December brought thoughts of New Year’s Eve and how I grappled with a weird bout of forced loneliness the year before, when I was hospitalized.

Today, I wrote about a dear friend who can make flowers from tears.

Thanks for adding these to your reading list, friends. While you’re there, check out all the great writing from my heavy-hitting co-contributors.

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