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Day two with no clue

I still don’t know who is President-Elect. Feeling fine about it.

Yesterday was a mellow day. I wasn’t ensconced in my room, avoiding all interaction with society. I took kids to school, went to Starbucks, went to Costco, and did chores at home. I watched TV, but admit I carefully chose what to watch. I figured it was safe to watch John and Kate plus their 8 bicker their way to Hawaii. I was right. I maintained my normal routine, in other words, and managed to sail through the day oblivious. The kids know, but aren’t going to spill the beans.

Stacy from Tree, Root, and Twig left a comment on my Gnome post, noting what others are thinking judging by emails I received:

By the way, I’m offended that you closed the comments on your last post. Did you think one of us would intentionally spill the beans? (muah ha ha ha)

I trust my regular commentors and think of you as friends. What kind of friend would purposely ruin the harmless quest, however dumb, of another friend? I was more afraid that random trolls cruising around would jump on the chance to be spoilers.

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