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I can’t say I’ve nursed in Air Force One. Yet.

But I’ve nursed my babies in interesting and mundane places: A pier in San Francisco, on a beach in Florida, in the seasonal aisle of our grocery store, at church, during a parent/teacher conference at school, at 10,000 feet above sea level and timberline, on a bench at the zoo whilst watching mountain goats bounce off rocks.

Just last night, during a Mile High Mamas gathering, I nursed Archie while a blues band jammed about 10 feet away. I covered his left ear. His right was scrunched against my arm. Maybe he’ll forever associate warm, sweet milk with wailing, sassy harmonica.

My latest post over at Mile High Mamas is up today. I wrote not only about nursing in public but how I feel when baby is hungry and we are very much in public. I expect people to be jerks about it, but they never are. It’s a relief, but it also makes me sad that I assume the worst and feel like I must brace myself for a confrontation. Just in case.

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