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And now I brace myself when I walk through the door

Three years ago, while I was away for a weekend attending a Women of Faith conference, my husband shaved his head bald. Like Mr. Clean or Uncle Fester, only not built like a tank with the coloring and disposition of a corpse. It was a shock I wasn’t expecting. I had no worries about his parenting abilities while I was away. It never occurred to me he’d be the one playing with razors.

Otherwise, my jaunts away from home for evenings and entire weekends run smoothly.

My latest 5 Minutes for Parenting post is up today. I wrote about the annoying habit of calling dads “babysitters” when they are in charge and home alone with their offspring. Nobody would dream of calling me “the babysitter” while my husband is at work all day. Why do men get this label when they are parenting solo?

Kindly pop over and say hi. Is your husband/father of your kiddos capable, or do you think of him as a babysitter, too?

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