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A well-rounded education

Tommy came home from school one recent day dizzy with astonishing news. The day’s science lesson was the most funtastic, ever.

He made poop.

One could argue everyone is constantly engaged in that process. But do we get an A for effort? Any recognition for using our excretory systems to their full potential? Gold stars?

I wrote about how and why Tommy made poo at school over at Imagination Soup. Melissa, the creator and curator of Imagination Soup, just got back from D.C. where she represented Colorado at Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress.

School has been on my mind lately as Aidan prepares for high school. I wrote a post about exercising the right to choose the best schools for our children over at Denver Parent. It doesn’t matter where you live, though. If you find yourself questioning your child’s education, you may be interested in how our family made the change from neighborhood school to charter school. Read what the heck I was thinking here. Hint: Aidan’s head spun.

I didn’t mention how awkward it was to clean out her desk a few days into a bright, brand-new school year as her ex-teacher watched.

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