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Ancient History

Saturday Siblings ~ Whovians

doctor who yarn bomb arvada

I’ve only seen two episodes of Doctor Who: “Blink”—which scared the wee out of me. The second was the one with the baby who fancied himself some kind malevolent ruler of the universe. I watched because I was pregnant with Ollie and we needed a baby name. I crossed Stormeggedon, Dark Lord of All off [...]

“The only thing that has to be finished by next Tuesday is next Monday.” ~Jennifer Yane


Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Tommy made this year’s poster. It is his fifth! I love it.

As per tradition, former New Year posters (and their correlating title quotes) created by my artsy kiddos:

2012 is here. 2011 is here 2010 is here. 2009 is here. 2008 is here. [...]

Works of art

Art is meant to inspire a reaction. It can amuse or aggravate. It educates and challenges. It soothes and quiets. Done well, it does it all. We are lucky to have a top-notch art museum in Denver. It’s affectionately known as The DAM.

I took the big kids there on a recent Saturday. [...]