Ancient History


Aidan recently participated in a conference for young writers. Kindergartners through eighth-graders were invited to submit and read stories to their peers. It was her third year, her third commemorative t-shirt, but the first year I got mad.

Her story was about a stinky unicorn named Pewnicorn. Poor Pewnicorn is so wretchedly stinky her […]

It was worth the $1 he got, though

“This can’t be natural!”

—Our first-grader Ryley, while stressfully wiggling a very loose, nearly hanging-by-a-thread tooth.


My first introduction to this writing exercise was at The Happy Husband. I’ve thought about doing it many times. Heather, Queen of the Laundry Pile, picked up on it at another blog, Owlhaven. I loved their renditions, so I thought I’d give it a shot too. If you’d like to try your own, I’d suggest […]